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San Diego City

DayMondays ended August 28, 2017
WhereBarnes Tennis Center
4490 W Point Loma Blvd
San Diego 92107

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Tennis Rules

Tournament: Sunday, September 10, 2017 from 9am-3pm
Morley Field in Balboa Park

Montebello Tennis.

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Facility Fee is a fee charged by many of the bowling alleys, swimming pools, etc., not by SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes. Please pay this facility fee directly with the bowling alley, swimming pool, etc.

Individual sports offer a season of training and skill building at weekly practices for a wide variety of ability levels. A registration fee of $20 per season per sport will help cover the costs of facilities, equipment, insurance, t-shirt, awards, league coordination, etc.

Tournaments are available in individual sports. Lunch and awards will be given to all athletes. Out-of-town teams will be invited to play in our San Diego tournaments and our teams will travel when out-of-town tournaments are available.

If an athlete is unable to pay a fee, financial assistance will be made available through SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes.

Registration Forms can be found on the bottom of the Sports page of the S4EA website. For more information or to obtain a Registration Form, call SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes at (858)565-S4EA (7432).

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