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SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes (S4EA) was founded by a group of coaches, parents, volunteers, and community members who determined that there was a need for a community-based sports program for athletes with and without developmental disabilities in San Diego County. Many in this group have 10, 20, or more years of experience serving the needs of people with developmental disabilities.

Walter Jackson

Executive Director

Walter has over 40 years experience working in sports programs for persons with developmental disabilities. He helped found SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes 13 years ago.


Clara Downes

Associate Director

Clara has over 40 years experience working with persons with developmental disabilities. She helped found SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes 13 years ago.


S4EA Board of Directors (2022-23)


Executive Committee

President - Ron Choularton (Retired)

Vice President - Randy Levinson (Coast Commercial Ventures, LLC)

Treasurer - Teri King (Retired)

Secretary - Adrian Lizano (Handle Bar Hot Sauce)

Past President - Skip Covell (National Certified)


Joe Alvarez-Salas (Athlete Council President)

Rodney Caudillo (RLC Financial, Wedbush)

Kelly Choularton (Athlete)

Martin Duarte (Special Ed Teacher, Chula Vista Elem School District)

Isaac Hernandez (Athlete)

Carissa Nelson Zink (Student, UC Irvine)

Graphic Designer - Mary E. Cunningham

S4EA Athlete Council (2022-2023)

President - Joe Alvarez-Salas

Vice President - Evan Perrero

Treasurer - Michael Stein

Secretary - Rachel Goldbaum

Sergeant–At–Arms - James Johnsen

S4EA Board Meetings

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, S4EA Board meetings & Executive Committee meetings are via Zoom rather than at S4EA office.


The S4EA Board of Directors meets on the 2nd Thursday of every odd numbered month at 6pm on Zoom as follows in 2022: January 13, March 10, May 12, July 14, September 8, November 10.

The S4EA Executive Committee meets on the 2nd Thursday of every even numbered month at 6pm on Zoom as follows in 2022: February 10, April 14, June 9, August 11, October 13, December 8.

The following are S4EA Policies as approved by the S4EA Board of Directors:


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