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Videos & Photos

S4EA Photo Gallery

We've got lots of photos from our practices, tournaments, fundraisers,  and Athlete Council social events. Click on the gallery buttons to visit our photo galleries.

S4EA Video Sports Gallery

Zoom Basketball Weaving Workout-Sep 2020

Zoom Basketball Passing Workout-Sep 2020

Zoom Basketball Dribbling Workout-Sep 2020

Zoom Bowling Workout (Joe)-Jan 2021

Zoom Bowling Workout (Tom)-Jan 2021

Zoom Bowling Workout (Nicole)-Jan 2021

Zoom Sports Crater Workout (Tom)-Nov 2020

S4EA Video Fundraising Gallery

Steph Johnson & Isaac Sing at Taste

Bill Walton Message at Taste-May 2020

Myra Making Casserole at Alt. Taste-May 2020

Guacamole Bowl-Feb 2016

S4EA Golf Classic - Aug 2019

2020 S4EA Virtual Golf Classic - Ball Drop

2020 S4EA Golf Challenge - Walter Jackson

S4EA Video Gallery

SPORTS Camp Video

S4EA Volleyball Tournament-Nov 2019

S4EA Winter Games - Feb 2018

S4EA Holiday Lights - Dec 2020

Santa Clarita Flag Football Tourney-Sep 2019

Zoom Soccer Juggling Workout-Sep 2020

Zoom Soccer Weaving Workout-Sep 2020

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